Daehan Flour Mills Corporation

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Daehan Flour Mills co.,Ltd,

clean and good corporation for the happiness of customers with warm heart.

More than 80 types of wheat flour products and frying powder including ‘Gom pyo” wheat flour and about 60 types of premixed products from the newborn factory with high tech-equipments at Busan and the factory with natural advantages at near the Incheon harbor are devoted for the healthy meals of customers. 

The best qualities of the products through the constant research/development, strict quality assurances in general research center and high tech automated systems from the raw material to delivery distribution are world-qualified by over 10 countries. 

Daehan FLour Mills Co.,Ltd dedicating for the advance of the people’s health with the pride of leading the flour milling business will be newly born as a global general food company to devote for the fruitful life of customers by supplying better products and services.