Daehan Flour Mills Corporation

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                                        Daehan Flour Mills Group

                                                   Harmonizes with the Korean diet culture!

             This group is a corporation that comprises several unique companies: the Korea Silo Co,.

             Ltd is responsible for providing harbor drayage and warehousing services;

             the Daehan Livestock and Feed Co., Ltd. is exclusively engaged in

             manufacturing assorted feeds and processed meat products;

             the DH VitalFeed . produces and markets milk alternatives particularly

             for young animal; and the Daehan Flour Mills Co.,

             Ltd. A close interrelationship is established in a sequence from raw material supply and

             demand through a cohesive work from harbor drayage and warehousing to distribution by pitting

             Daehan Flour Mills Company on the hub.

             This centralized system works well efficiently contributes to the eventual benefit of

             the people’s health. 

             As it was originally founded on the national mission of food supply for the people in 1952,

             the company will lay the main prop of well-balanced and 

             high-level dietary culture of the Korean people.