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                                        For home use wheat flour

                                                   Let's make a cake, a pizza, bread, a snack and various fried foods with

                                                   "Gompyo" wheat flour at home for better.

Premium Chal-jin(sticky) Wheat Flour

Pack Size 1kg, 2.5kg, 3kg

This new wheat flour, high quality of wheat flour,has a high grade of purity through flour milling the central part of the wheat with good starch, a color of bright yellow. So, it is used in various types of noodle soups, dumplings and fried foods.

All Purpose Flour (Bear Brand)

Pack Size 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 3kg

This is representative product for Korea Flour Miller which is multi-purposes wheat flour for noodle soup, dumplings and various types of fried foods and so on.

Bread Flour (Bear Brand)

Pack Size 2.5kg

This bread flour is suitable for various breads and a pizza. 

Cake Flour (Bear Brand)

Pack Size 2.5kg

This cake flour taste is very smooth. So, this flour is used in a cake , snack products, cookies, confectioneries and as deep-frying batter.

                                       For home use premix

                                                 "Gom pyo" premix can be easily used for second processed foodstuffs in homes, bakeries 

                                                 and bread manufacturers by mixing high quality raw material such as wheat flour, 

                                                 various grains, milk fats and various ingredients on the high-tech equipment.

Tempura Batter Mix

Pack Size 500g, 1kg, 2kg

This is good for sweet and crispy fried food with ease.

Buchim Mix

Pack Size 500g, 1kg, 2kg

This mix is very useful for making various fried foods as Buchim(Korean pancake).

Pan Cake Mix

Pack Size 500g, 1kg

We can make delicious pan-cake easily without oil on the fry pan by using this mix.

Donut Mix

Pack Size 1kg

It is very easy to make donuts for your lovely children with this donut mix.


                                                 There are various kinds of pastas including spaghetti, macaroni and so on through the 

                                                 manufacturing the best quality of durum wheat semolina from the careful selection and,

                                                 it has a peculiar taste and characteristics golden color.

Granoro Spaghetti

Pack Size 500g

Origin Italy

Granoro Spaghetti is made of 100% high quality durum wheat grown in Italy.

It takes low temperature drying process(72℃, 10 hours), therefore the viscosity

and elasticity last for a long time. 

Bogasari Spaghetti

Pack Size 500g

Origin Indonesia

Bogasari Macaroni

Pack Size 500g

Origin Indonesia

Bogasari Penne

Pack Size 500g

Origin Indonesia

LA FONTE Spaghetti

Pack Size 500g

Origin Indonesia

LA FONTE Macaroni

Pack Size 500g

Origin Indonesia

                                      Korean traditional noodle

Naegohyang Noodle

Pack Size 450g, 900g, 1500g, 3kg

“Naegohyang noodle” has the same taste of Korean traditional noodle at the old traditional market places with wholehearted dedication. (It is made of absence of de-colorized wheat flour) This noodle isn't become soft thorough careful selection of the raw material by Daehan Flour Mills Co.,Ltd, 60 years of traditional flour miller, and very chewy and smooth.